Happy Friday!

I hope your weekends are full of the very things you need.  I hope you spend time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love most.  I hope that you use this weekend as time to recover and prepare. And I thought I'd help us get rolling on the weekend with some posts and things I found rather wonderful this week:

Matt Walsh made me cry.  I hope I am able to speak this into my own daughters.

This is a great post by Rachel Held Evans.  I enjoy her writing so much--even if we don't always agree on things.

Encouragement from Ann Voskamp--always a breath of fresh air to read her words.

This was my most popular post this month (courtesy of Mama A).

And finally, my neighbor, Caroline, posted this on Facebook recently--makes me crack up every.  single.  stinking. time.  Be sure to have your sound turned on from the beginning of the clip.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 

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