Summer Bucket List.

In addition to the obvious ones--spend time with my family and friends, enjoy the sights and sounds of the camp, relax, organize closets, etc.

1.  Read, read, read.

2.  Write, write, write.

3.  Practice my mandolin skills.

4.  Practice my sewing skills.

5.  Go on an adventure.

I'm so glad that it's finally summer.  I feel like this school year really put it to me and I'm looking forward to a long stretch away from the routine with my sweet family.  Baby O is toddling around and getting into everything and my big girls are looking and acting more like big girls.  I don't want to miss these precious years and summers, and I want to be present and soak 'em up.

I've got a to-do list a mile long, but it can wait because Monday morning is no longer impatiently tapping her foot at me.   I've got plenty of hugs and kisses and baby cheeks and post-camp dirty laundry and the end of VBS cookout to keep myself occupied for today.

Enjoy your Friday, folks!    

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