Hey Mamas. . .

Fed your child french fries for the third time this week?  
Decided pjs are sometimes appropriate all day attire? 
Let them watch a lot of television and play on their gaming system so you could get a few moments of peace and sanity?
Said and thought and did things that made you mad at yourself with shame and regret?
Overreacted, underprepared, underpaid, over-budget, and/or slightly unstable?
Horrified by the state of affairs in your living room, kitchen, and/or bathrooms?
Feeling the need to discuss reproductive protection with your laundry basket?
Want to get away to a private island where they let you sleep in, cook and clean up the kitchen for you, and you won't step on sharp toys or things that make you think unladylike phrases?  

Raise your hands (and don't you worry your pretty little head if you can't remember if you've shaved today) if you are feeling it with me this morning.

Ladies:  I'm giving you permission to own it all.  
Own that mess.  
Own your imperfections.  

Own it all--because this is the life you've been blessed with today.  

All of its bumps, bruises, and glorious messes. 
All of the stress, craziness, and stains.
The stretch marks of a life lived to the full--with all the ups and downs.

Let's discuss those under eye circles, shall we?  
I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trade it for one second.

Love and smooches, 
Mama A.

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