Baby girl is sick and the big girls and I are home taking care of her.  

It's been a stressfully busy week with lots of highs and some lows sprinkled in the mix. 

I hate that we're missing church, but today I'm glad for the chance to be still. 

And we're enjoying "Frozen" again this morning.  

Disney sweetness at its finest, folks. 

Baby girl whines, coughs, and smiles at the same time.  This is the first time ever that she's been sick--and I'm reminded how blessed we are that she's made it almost 10 months sickness-free.  But, she's not used to being sick and snotty and crusty and tired and achy.  

And we don't have words to explain to her that she will be just fine.  So we rock and smile and heap on the patience.

I'm spending the day in my pjs and running the laundry and trying to wipe a little nose and putting Lysol on my grocery list.  

This, too, shall pass.  

Happy Sunday, everyone. 

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