I plow away on the elliptical and the weights and chase away the pregnancies and the years of neglect.  

I breathe deep the healing power of my two cups of coffee each morning--and then it's water for the rest of the day (and sometimes a Diet Coke after a particularly long day).   

I work through the school day and purposefully look at each student and encourage them to smile and learn, work to find something to celebrate in each child, and work to be the change I wish to see in them and in myself.  

I encourage my family to take care of themselves and also be willing to let someone else take care of them at the same time.  

I prepare the meals and try to remove at least one boxed item a week.  

I strive to make priorities priorities and take time away from those items and thoughts that are not. 

I can't save the world, but I can do my best in my little corner.    

Happy Saturday!  

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