Today was another unexpected day off from school.  We've yet to see more than a flake or two (and every solitary flake mocks me as it steals yet another minute from my spring break).  We went to bed expecting an early release and woke to a 5am call that schools were closed.

I love the snow.  

I really do.  

But I'm also a little crazy about my spring break. 

I'll miss you, SB.

But, in all things we give thanks, therefore I will embrace this opportunity to read, write, and sip another cup of coffee.  My baby girl was delighted that I was the one to lift her from her crib this morning.  My girls are a wonderful sight with bed-rumpled hair and robes and blankets. I'm thinking ahead to a savory dinner because time has slowed in our home today.  I'm charging my camera batteries in hopes of photography later.  I have new material to sew things for the girls.  And I have a captivating book that I'll have time to finish today.

I've had great conversations with friends this morning.  I've prayed for others going through some pretty rough times.  I've enjoyed the morning news programs and I'm planning a serious nap this afternoon.

And I'm beyond thankful that I have time to enjoy the things that make me feel alive this morning.  

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