Just stop.

Things we would (and should) never, ever say to someone:

Stop being diabetic.  

Stop having issues with your bones. 

Make your ears hear.  

Make your eyes see. 

Stop being short.  

It's time for you to shrink your feet. 

You would be cuter with brown eyes. 

You should have triplets instead of just one baby at a time. 

We would never, ever say any of these things to anyone.  We know that these conditions are out of their control, right?  Then why on earth do some people believe that it's ok to say something like this to someone struggling with depression:

You just need to cheer up. 

Somewhere along the way we seemed to have forgotten that people who struggle with mental and emotional issues need care and support just as our family and friends with other serious diseases.  Maybe we forget because conditions of the mind aren't visible to the casual bystander.  Someone can be completely over the edge on the inside and even their closest family and friends are unaware of the severity of their symptoms.  Maybe because conditions dealing with mental health aren't as easily diagnosed or treated as traditional or familiar conditions, people feel they aren't as serious or that it's a choice. 

But, believe me, no one would ever choose to be depressed. 

Several years ago I battled severe postpartum depression after Molly's birth.  The Lord and I crawled out of that black hole together, but even almost a decade later I still find myself battling with depressive and/or anxious tendencies.  I feel one thousand percent better than I did in those days, but I am still discovering that there are certain triggers and circumstances that I need to avoid in order to protect myself from walking back down that path.  I also know that if I'm not taking care of myself physically, emotionally, or spiritually my tendencies can flare up and it can become be rather tangled when I finally try to sort myself out.  

To make matters worse, Satan is fantastic at kicking us while we're down.  He's going to take every last opportunity to spill lies and half-truths into our minds and souls.  He will convince us that we are not loved, that we are unlovable, that we are failures, and that we are worthless people.  His words can stab our hearts and destroy our spirits.  We doubt things we know to be True.  And before we know it, we are carrying burdens that do not belong to us.  We become broken people struggling to keep our heads up.   

But, if you're one of those people walking around with your spirit and head down, please remember this: 

You.  Are.  Loved.  

You are loved in such a way that even the darkest thoughts in your soul can be treated and eased.  You are someone worth fighting for, and you are not the first nor the last person to deal with this type of pain.  I know you are tired, I know you feel like no one understands, I know that you wish your family and friends would have more patience.  I know you wish you had more patience with yourself and your family and friends.  I know you feel defeated because you want to be more self-sufficient.   

You are not alone and it is time for you to fight back.  

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