Decorative bones.

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs are wonderful things. 

And they are also liars. 

It's so easy to look at someone's world through their edited photos and envy their apparent togetherness. 

I read this, that, and the other and can easily make myself feel like I'm the biggest loser.  I instantly feel the need to get my rear in gear and put on my game face.  My house is suddenly messier, my work is suddenly more pressing, my meals are lacking in garnish, and I need to get some better clothes and shoes and bags and doo-dahs and doo-dads.  

I find myself filled to the brim with urgency and mediocrity simultaneously. 

But, let me remind us all of the truth: 

No one's got it together. 

I promise. 

Everyone's got their share of dirty laundry hidden away somewhere.  And sometimes out in the open. 

Everyone's got things they display carefully. . . and things they'd rather camouflage. 

We all tend to look for approval in all the old familiar places.

The skeletons in my closet resemble the ones that everyone else's got hidden away, too. 

We're all bone collectors, you know.  

Today, as I was rocking my non-sleeper, I felt the pressing need to measure up.  That maybe I wasn't the best mom, or friend, or teacher, or wife, or list-completer.  Thank goodness He reminded me that I'm not here to save, please, or make the world happy.  They might be important people, standards, and/or ideals, but they are not going to save me or my sanity.  Their lives and opinions do not need to shape mine, and I do not need to worry about impressing them.

I can't save the world, and I certainly can't save myself.  

Someone Else has already taken care of that for me.  

I just need to do the best that I can do, and the rest of it will just have to be the rest of it. 

Happy Weekend, everyone. 

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