This season is my favorite.  

I love the joy and lights and imagination in the children.  I love the hustle and bustle and sparkle and good tidings.  I love the food and the smells and the decorations and the music.

I love it all so much. 

Photography by the delightful Lauren Thorn
But my heart loves the quiet, too.  The whispers of redemption and love and mercy as we prepare our hearts for the season.  That this Love Letter written to us from the very beginning is still very much alive and well and moving and breathing in the hearts of His people today.

I see the gifts right under my nose this week--the teachers who sacrifice their own time and money to ensure that every child on their watch will receive a gift this season.  The student in my class who only speaks Spanish, but copied work off the board in English for another student with special needs.  My 6 year old who brought her favorite book, The Story of Jesus, to share with her class this week.  Craftsmanship from artists in all mediums.  Conversations with friends.  Writers that make my heart sing.  Encouragement.  Prayers at just the right time.

I have visions of where my life could be.  The artist inside is itching and the sirens are singing their sweet songs as they beckon for change.

But, for right this moment, I'm happy to be snuggled on my couch, reading words that inspire my heart to stillness, and grateful for this small slice of life that I've been given.  This is the Love Letter that has been written especially for me today.  This moment is the gift that has been chosen for me, for you, for all of us, as we accept it with our human hands.

Come, thou long expected Jesus. . .

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