iPhone/Insta Stories.

This is what happens when I fail to dump my phone like a responsible citizen.

This year I changed my decorations.  It didn't take a whole lot considering this is only our second Christmas in this house.  I love the simplicity of my decor this year.  

And, since this photo, Christacular has installed the baseboards. 


 Baby Jesus and Co. outgrew the sewing machine that He used to lay His head on.  Luckily, my good pal and neighbor, Caroline, was kind enough to loan us a larger table for the holiday season.

This season has been stressful.  Starbucks has helped. 

But even the green lady couldn't prevent these serious undereye circles. 


These girls make me happy.  Their excitement was too much and resulted in blurry joy.

Sometimes Olivia cried. 

And sometimes she wore this adorable hat from a friend at work. 

Our pecan trees were plentiful this year. 

Which resulted in this. 
Which, in turn, resulted in these.  

Loving my brown paper packages tied up with string. 

Hello Budget Wrapping 2013!

Sometimes this sweetness happened. 

Oh yeah, and our old dishwasher, the DubStepper, finally departed from our kitchen.  

I didn't shed one tear. 

We went with the Askews to see this gem. 

And I purchased the accompanying devotional. 


And this happened. 

He's all mine, ladies.

Lily had pajama day at school.  I was pretty jealous.

She was also St. Lucia in her class' Christmas program.  Precious.

And they made Christmas milk carton gingerbread houses.  

I let her eat the whole thing by herself when she got home. 

Mom of the Year. 

And I'm happy to announce that Olivia is also enjoying eating solids. 

Happy Saturday!

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