In the moment(um).

Life has a funny way of flying by during the holiday season.  I feel like as soon as I get my tree and decorations up in November  the end of October, it's all over again for another year.  I have a hard time letting it slip through my fingers each year.  In protest, I'm not planning on taking down decorations for a few more days anyhow--maybe around Old Christmas I'll consider it.

I even found some new porch trees on clearance and I'm considering putting them out at least through the winter.  Christmas lights are just so dang pretty!

And so are these little girls:

I'm planning on enjoying the rest of vacation with my family.  I'm going to let myself get caught up in what's going on right this minute, rather than trying to think ahead to the deadlines that 2014 are going to bring us.  Who wants to think about all of that when there are snuggles and pajamas and cookies and baby cheeks that need my attention?

Happy New Year everyone!

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