Being ok with less than stellar.

Maybe it's because my favorite pajama pants are in the laundry due to unforeseen circumstances and I'm being forced to wear alternative capri pajama pants and there is a gap between the end of the pant leg and the top of my socks creating a small area in which chilly air can reach my skin.

Maybe it's the reality that someone is going to have to put this laundry away.

And all the new trinkets and shiny things must find a permanent home.

Or the fact that the weathermen all teased us in eastern NC and said there were two chances for snow this week, and then they pulled the plug on Snowmageddon.


Would it really be that hard to get a little of this:

 I mean, who doesn't need a little of this in their lives?

I'm dying.  

And, I'm going to need a side view of that bed head.

Oh my stars.  

Ok, one more.

I don't even think you all are ready for this.  

Grab a tissue.  

Grab a couch.  

Clutch your heart.  

You are so welcome. 

Ok, I'm really done now.  

Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the falalalala's are all over again for another year.  I always get a little post-holiday seasonal depression at the end of December.  

Goodbye trees, goodbye sparkly lights, goodbye beautiful nativity, goodbye Christmas music playing in all the stores. . . 

This post from one of my favorite bloggers, Shannan, really captured my feelings on the subject.  There has to be ebb in order to find the flow.  There are still things to appreciate even in the slow and frumpy days.  

2013 is ending without a bang this morning.  We've got a birthday party to attend later and dinner with friends, but for right now it's just a typical morning with squealing kids, dirty diapers, and laundry overflowing the baskets.  

But, even during mornings like these, I must remember that 2013 brought a lot of blessings, especially this one:

After all, we can't ride the Fun Wagon every single day.  

Here's hoping for a nicely-balanced, sometimes crazy, sometimes quiet, but always blessed 2014!

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