True Story.

Baby girl decided that her teeth or ears are hurting and did NOT sleep last night.

And she spits out her Tylenol with gusto.

Molly came flying into my room this morning around 5am announcing that Lily felt like she might have to throw up.

A cool washcloth, a hug, and back to bed, but no vomit.

Everyone moved especially slowly this morning.  Mama needed to be at church early.  It was slightly frantic.

Lily's skinny jeans were no where to be found this morning.  After Mama washed every single stinking thing in the house yesterday.  They were found 15 minutes later in the dress up container.  There may have been a lecture involved.  And threats to throw away everything in the room.

We were out the door 15 minutes later than necessary.

Mama forgot to eat breakfast.

And we needed to get gas.

Of course we did.  

We get to church in time to sound check.  Lily asks for a juice box.  Mama threw caution to the wind and said "sure!"

Mama thinks that perhaps this day might be salvaged.  She has visions of a leisurely lunch.  

And then Lily throws up twice in the restroom as the first service was starting.  


We still needed to stop by the grocery store because we were OUT of groceries.  

Baby girl is NOT HAVING anything other than what she wants at the moment.  She is failing to speak English these days.  So, we're playing Guess the Issue.  

Children have been banished to their room for an extended nap. 

Mom and Dad are trading off Grumpy Cold Medina duty.  

Hurry up, Thanksgiving Break!

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