Infusion of Joy: Simple.

Baby O was babbling in her monitor around 6:15am this morning.  The decision was made by the Powers That Be that perhaps I should take a moment to let myself have a sip (or four) of coffee before going in to engage with her for the rest of the day.

She's quiet again.  


I'm sitting in my living room and from where my chair is positioned I can see the snippets of Christmas decoration going on in my house.  I see the garland over the dining room entry way and the simple decorations I have put in my dining room.  It's not much at all, but there is just something about its uncomplicated nature that makes my heart full for a moment.  Simple coffee filter wreaths, simple straw stars, a tiny silver tree on my table.  There is nothing special about them--I made the wreaths and bought the stars and the tiny tree for a song the day after Christmas one year.  My home may never grace the covers of decor magazines or be the next Pin on someone's board--but I hope that it completely fills the hearts and minds of my family.  

Because from where I sit this morning, it's just right.  

Isn't it the same way with our lives?  We pour ourselves into what seems to be the best--trying to wear clothes and reputations and jobs that just don't fit right?  We go nuts with calendars and rehearsals and practices and homework and takeout and life because it all seems like it's the best we've got and we're just going to make the best of it.  I think we all need to step back once in a while and breathe and remember that it just doesn't have to be this hard.  

I'm taking a long look at my life and calendar and what moves us forward as a family.  And there are a lot of good and wonderful and sparkly things that take up our time, but they aren't always a good fit for me or my people.  Especially when the most stripped down moments and basic things are the things that make my heart beat faster and sing louder.

It's time to take our simple priorities and put them back where they belong on the list.  

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