Infusion of Joy: Introduction

Recently I've been battling the dreaded Working Mommy Guilt.  Any mama who works outside of the home battles this--wanting to be home, wanting to cook meals, wanting to sew, wanting to make the house a home, wanting time to wash, fold, and put laundry away, wanting their kids to know more about them and less about the sitter.

It's a difficult balance, and one that is near and dear to my heart.  

Maybe you're like me and you've got a job to do and bills that must be paid.  You're gone for the whole day and only have 3ish hours to see your children before baths and bed steal your time.  How do you find the time to take care of what needs to be done and take care of the sweet faces begging for your attention?

We can't do it all.  

But, we can make one small change each day. 

Tomorrow morning, light at least one candle in your home.  In your kitchen.  In your bathroom.  In your living room.  At your family table.  Infuse a little joy in your home with that one small act of loveliness.  Let your children enjoy the wonder of the flickering flame.  Take a moment to breathe in the scent.   

Sweet Mamas, you're that candle.  You illuminate your home with your love.  You have the ability to bring joy and wonder to your children.  You are lovely and life-giving--but dangerous if left unattended.  

Infuse quiet joy in your home with your presence.         

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