Shall We Listen.

Sometimes the words are well-meaning.  

A parent guides their children, provides instruction, gives direction. 
"It should be this way. . ."

Sometimes it's the way a sermon is delivered.  A particular verse.  A phrase.  A story. 
"We read in the Word. . ."

Sometimes it's in the words of friends. Do this.  That.  The other.  
"I think you should. . ."

Sometimes we read a particular story.  A blog post.  A status update.
"Am I the only one who feels. . ."  

Sometimes our minds say things that feel true.  Logical.  Almost biblical.
"You should do this. .  ."

This world is full of information and voices.  We listen and consider.  We agree and rejoice.  We convict and judge.  We make rules and procedures.  We measure.  We apply.  We formulate opinions.  We cast blame.  
And on and on and on and on as we look for direction.  And it seems like the rabbit hole only gets deeper as we try to figure out what exactly that it is supposed to be that we're supposed to be figuring out.  

And we tie ourselves into complete knots and sleepless nights and frantic anxiety.  

But, rejoice for the moments we shut it all out to Listen.  
When His voice transcends it all and cuts into our deepest souls.  

Clear.  Calm.  Holy. 

What do You say, Lord?  What do You think, Lord? What shall I do, Lord?

There have been times when I have been greeted with silence as I've waited on His reply.  

But, those sweet, precious moments moments I have heard His audible reply?  
When I have felt His presence.  
When His Love envelopes my fears. 

Oh, what magnificent peace fills my soul.   

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