Swoony Fall (and I've got 5ish minutes to myself).

I heart fall so much it hurts me sometimes.  

My girls understand this madness--they both commented in the car yesterday that fall is the perfect warm up to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

Those kids.  I could just eat 'em up sometimes. 

They must have a good mama. 

Everyone gets snuggly.  Fashion gets layer-y and cozy.  Boots and scarves and jackets OH MY!

Food gets better, spices get spicy-er with delicious smells, and all us Pirates get purple-errr with each victory.

I look forward to fall with great anticipation--it's almost like the next 4 months just for me and mine to sit back and love on each other and breathe deeply into all the things that Life hands us.

To open windows to our houses and to our souls and let the freshness of the season heal things that have been neglected since the last time.

We shake off the burdens and humidity and see the world through bright, clear eyes and smile great big when the Perfect Day (that day, when the sky turns it's most awesome shade of blue since April) finally arrives.

Welcome Fall!  

And it's about time you got here! 


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