The Great Big Jill Day 2013

Several friends and family members of Jill will spend this day remembering our sweet friend.  We hope you might spend the day doing things that would celebrate her life and the things she considered most important:  Tell your family members and friends that you love them, write something that's on your heart, pray for or with someone, and be sure to wear something that makes you feel pretty--even if it's just going to be a regular day.  

Tell someone about Jesus.  

Today, I'm choosing to be present.  I want to be in the moment with the ones I encounter today.  I want to really listen to their words, engage in the conversation.  Feel their emotions, put myself in their shoes, and share in their joys and defeats.  

I used to wonder if the sadness of death would ever leave, but I find that each time August rolls around I get a little lump in my spirit that won't leave until this day passes.  It seems that my soul remembers and wants to remind me of that fateful afternoon and our last conversation.  It remembers the ache in my heart and the loss of a friend, mentor, and confidant.  But, I never cease to delight in the fact that she is no longer in pain, she is perfectly healed, and she is waiting for us with great anticipation.  I can't wait to hug her neck, to walk with her, to talk with her. and to get caught up on all the things between now and then. 

I miss you, dear friend.  See you soon.  xoxxo

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