Seven Weeks O.

Yay for those of you who commented on yesterday's post--the correct order of babies was indeed:  O, M, and L.  

I snapped a few photos of my 7 week old yesterday wearing the same dress her sisters were photographed wearing at the exact same age--9 and 6 years ago. 

I just wept a little bit.  

I'm so glad I decided to hang on to this dress just because

Let the record show that I ain't no Mark Collie of Quiver Tree Photography. . . and photographing a seven week old is quite the challenge.   

First, put duvet insert over bouncy seat in the center of the guest bed.  

Place baby in bouncy seat.

Turn on bouncy seat.  

Get nine year old to sing songs and play music on the iPad.   

Stand over baby on bed with camera. 

Climb off bed and switch lenses.  

Get back on the bed and remember the good old days when you had more balance. 

Continue saying ridiculous things to baby in a singsong voice to make her at least look in your direction.  

Mom, what are you doing?

Wanna see me blow bubbles like a little crab?

Or how about my Bates' face a la Downton?

This is exhausting. 

I need to rest my head for just a moment.  

What kind of dirty trick is this?  Are you trying to make me fall asleep?

And thus ended our morning photography shoot.  

Baby O needed a time out.  
And a diaper change.  
And a bottle.  

And a nap.  

The End.   

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