The day before the day before.

Today was spent doing simple things.  

It occurred to me late this afternoon that it would be a few weeks before I will be able to do the simple things again.  

At least the things that require bending and stretching.  

Or regular sleep.  

Which, for the past few days especially, has been a lacking part of my daily routine.  Bed at 10:30pm-ish.  Awake at 3am-ish.  Move to couch around 4am-ish.  Read/try to get comfortable until about 5am-ish.  Awake again at 6:45am-ish because dog is licking himself or barking at the neighbor's dogs or the birds are singing their morning songs WITH GUSTO.  

Notice the bird house.  Precious. 
Repeat the next night.  

I spent the day doing simple things.  Emptied the dishwasher.  Washed and folded a few loads of laundry.  Entertained my girls and listened to their words.  Ate a simple lunch.  Took a nap (probably a poor life decision).  Chris and I watched the girls swimming at the pool this afternoon.  He's picking up takeout for dinner.    

Tomorrow will bring church and my parents and a cleansing with surgical wash before bed.  We will put the last things in our bags and pack the car.  

I will attempt to sleep.

And then we'll be off to bring Baby O into the world at 5:00am on Monday morning.  

But, tonight and tomorrow, my focus will be on normal.  

Photography by Lauren Thorn
Going about our business.  
Being together.  
Remaining calm and not going crazy. 

Because crazy is going to arrive in about 36 hours.   

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