Spray. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

These days have been an endless cycle of the same.  

I wash bottles, I change diapers, I wash clothes, I fold them and put them away. I try to be attentive to 3 girls begging for attention.  I try to find clothes to fit my ever-changing body.  I wince when my body reminds me that I had surgery a few weeks ago.  My hormones ebb and the tears flow, but not with the intensity of before.  I have a baby who sleeps relatively well through the night, but not so much in the afternoons or evenings.   I have high intentions of writing thank you notes and cooking, but I'm also re-learning that plans are just plans, and cannot be set into stone.  

But, that's life with a 9, 6, and baby and a husband who's busy season began as soon as we brought the baby home.  It's funny how things happen sometimes.  I just take it all in stride and remind myself to be thankful that I have a husband who comes home faithfully--and after a long day across the yard he steps right into the crazy bin to pick up the baby, talk to his girls, take a 2am feeding, and ask me how I'm doing.

He's a good, good man.  

I have found a small rhythm for each day, and it helps if I'm able to "reset" in the evenings before the next day.  Making sure everything is ready for night feedings, trying to clear as much clutter as possible, trying to bring some calm back to the house.  There are no promises if you drop by unexpectedly that there will be order to the madness or that I will even be dressed well enough to open the door, but before bed each day I strive to get there.

We have been so blessed by family and friends who have looked in and after us.  Our families have been in and out checking on us.  We have a camp staff and board who have been over the top in their kindness towards us.  We have old and new friends who have brought us food, gifts, and encouragement (and photo session!  Check it out here!) I am reminded that His timing is perfect, and yes, Baby O's arrival has reminded me over and over that I've got Peace like a river.

So, while things might still be a little quiet on the ol' blog, I'm reminding myself that sometimes the best thing I can do is pick up and rock the baby.  Or listen to a story.  Or make a small meal.  Or be present for my family.  Or sit and be still for a while.

Happy Saturday!  

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