When the Weekends Start Feeling Like Summer.

I've got the shades open and the air conditioning is on.  

I've got a nice cup of coffee, muffins in the oven, and the oldies station playing on the kitchen radio. 

I'm sipping and staring and moving slowly, but appreciating the fact that I have the time. 

There are people on the property that aren't related to me.  They make all sorts of fun and new noises that are disturbing to sweet Buster Ray and he's running back and forth through the house trying to figure out what is happening and if he needs to protect his family from said noises.   

Molly had a friend spend the night and we stayed up late (ok, 10pm) watching a movie in our pjs and crashed out on the couch and recliner. 

Lily is across the yard "at camp" with the other children.  

Baby O is doing what she does best--kick and squirm.  

Carol King and Lionel Richie songs play on the radio and suddenly I'm all swoony.  

'Cause he's Easy.  And I am, too.

Happy Saturday, everyone! xoxxo  

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