Happy Birthday Lily!

Someone had a birthday yesterday and is now officially six years old.

I'll let you figure it out. 

She even said it was fine if Baby O decided to come on her special day. 

But then changed her mind and said that the next day would be fine, too.  

Or June 3rd. 

She was delighted when she read all of the birthday messages and texts. 

She loved all of her presents--especially this fun game. 

She loved the phone calls.

She grinned great big when they sang to her at Outback.  And out waiter was kind enough to send out two desserts--one for her and one to share.  

She went to Target and picked out a special Barbie with some of her birthday money. 

She came home to find balloons, grass skirts, and leis waiting for her.  Exciting things for her luau party later this week. 

She watched her new movie and paraded around the house in her school birthday hat. 

We made cupcakes together and sang to our favorite 6 year old.  

And right before bed we went outside to see Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter forming a triangle in the sky.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

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