Next to Last Day of Spring Break.

I still have Sunday, but I really want to take my 4-hour post-church coma nap only to be gently woken by the smell of dinner tomorrow.

So, today is the day that it all must be taken care of. 

I really had a great week.  We worked on our house--at least the front side.  Ignore the mismatched shutters on the other 3 sides of the home.  They will be attended to in time.  Soon.  Like maybe this week or next.  I also need to paint the front door.  But a rainy Monday morning turned into a pretty afternoon and we laughed, had the radio on, and Chris swore that we were painting the porch a new coat of the existing color (they are clearly different.) (Clearly).  Molly even got a shiny new 2013 tick on her shoulder.

Loads of fun.  

Tuesday morning I was feeling a little pregnant and Chris decided I needed to get away. Immediately.  So the girls and I went to my mom's for the night and then he arrived on Wednesday to whisk me off on a last-minute overnight date before the baby comes in 8 weeks.  It was lovely to get away and be able to turn off the rolling to-do list in my mind. 

I only focused on what we would eat.  Where we would eat.  When we would eat again.  And how to most comfortably arrange the pillows during my prenatal massage.  


We picked up the girls on Thursday and dropped Lily off with her oldest BFF for a sleepover.  Molly and I treated ourselves with a trip to HT for grocery heaven.  Our local FLs and WM have NOTHING on my HT in regards to sanity, cleanliness, and civilization.  I could have skipped down the aisles.  And maybe when I'm not almost 8 months pregnant I will.  

Yesterday was a quick day of catch up--and moving slowly.  And today greets me with that pesky to-do list that I promised attention earlier this week.  But, who wants to think about work when you are on vacation?  Not this girl. 

This next week is going to be insanity times 5 days.  No joke, I've got a calendar full of rehearsals for my sweet school babies.  I cringe when I think about all that must be done between now and next Friday night when we have our last big hurrah with my singin' children.  

But, I keep repeating to myself that this time next Saturday my work load is going to free-up immensely and I will have nothing huge on my calendar until Baby O arrives. 


So, whatever it is that you decide to do this weekend, I hope it is a magical time.  The weatherman promised me that yesterday was Friday was last day below 60 degrees until maybe September.  I love it when he says things like that.  Let me have the 70s and even the 80s, but I'm ok if the 90s don't show up until I am post-baby.  I need to wear my shoes to work.  Preferably all day.   

Happy Saturday! xoxxo

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