My husband is the lone fisherman on the water this morning.  He rose before dawn to paddle out to a good spot on the river.  He's hoping to catch what's swimming.

Mornings are so peaceful here on the water.  It's quiet.  It's serene.  We only hear the occasional bird and sometimes a neighborhood dog will begin barking for attention.

Late afternoons are the same.  Even during the summer season, the world seems to hush as little as the sun goes down.  The sun drips down behind our trees and sets the world on fire.  The glow is so relaxing and there are many moments I think the world is stopping with me and we're all marveling at the wonder of it all.

I love it here.  

2012 turned my world completely upside down.  We went through a series of life changes much like 2003--a move, new jobs, new town, new church, and discovering a new baby on the way.  I dealt with struggles and insecurity and wonder and morning all day sickness.  I made new friends and dealt with some toxic situations.  I examined myself, I learned more about pulling up and putting down roots, and I said goodbye to some behaviors and situations that were not good for my heart.  I had to learn how to let go, I had to learn how to cling to the people I love most, and I had to learn how to extend and receive Grace.

It's funny how life repeats itself sometimes.    

I look forward to 2013.  We know we have a sweet baby girl on the way.  We watched her flip and twirl and kick and swat this past week.  She's full of life and energy and I'm inspired at her vivaciousness at only 18 weeks.  I have a feeling we're going to have our hands full with this one.  

My girls are in a good stage right now.  They are independent but still very sweet and loving.  I know that time is going to fly this year and I'm trying to soak up my time with them before littlest sister is thrown in the mix.  I love the way Lily rests her head on my stomach each morning and gives love freely to her family.  I love Molly's infectious laugh and her aspirations.  

I'm blessed with a good husband who understands and loves and encourages me.  I crave alone time together and I love that we're still in love after all this life and joy and mess we've walked through this past decade.  He often knows me better than I know myself.  

I'm working to shed the weariness from 2012 and embrace the new life I've been given.  I'm learning to listen more to the Voice in my heart rather than the voices in my head.  The forced slowing of pace that comes with life here at our little camp is a blessing that I'm learning to appreciate a little more each day. 

2013 is going to be a very good year for us. 

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