Technology is a joy stealer.

Yesterday was supposed to be a happy day.  And it really was for the most part.  It was Friday.  I had just finished my first concert of the season--and the kids were great!  I had a haircut and it turned out well.  My husband had worked hard in the lawn and our flowerbeds were looking nice and all of the leaves were raked and piled.  And we didn't have any plans last night--which meant an easy night at home for the first time in probably. . .forever.

But, along the way, several things happened that chipped away at my joy.  My sound system at school has a little bug in one of the two speaker inputs.  It probably needs to be taken in for a quick checkup--and I have another concert the week after next.  Now is not the time for it to be acting up.  The links in my class SmartBoard presentation suddenly stopped working.  I got home and a snarky email ticked me off.  And then I got on a few social networking sites and become depressed/anxious/annoyed/sad reading some people's updates and blogs.  I went to bed last night feeling very bleck about life in general and even a couple of good episodes of "Duck Dynasty" and "Everyone Loves Raymond" couldn't fix it.

Can we pause for a moment and all agree that "Duck Dynasty" is probably one of the best shows on television right now?  What in the world?  I have no idea how these people do the things they do--but it's hysterical.  

So, despite my best efforts at a nice evening, I was annoyed.  I know part of it is just Sassy Britches (my kids' affectionate name for their sibling until we have a gender identification party on January 4th) and his/her hormonal roller coaster of love happening in my body.  And I know it's also exhaustion from the past two weeks at the Avery house as our calendar has become very colorful and full of dates and places and times.  

But sometimes, I think it's just plain ol' technology cramping my style.  

Don't get me wrong, I love technology as much as the next person.  I love blogging and looking at cute photos and reading funny status updates and emailing friends and family.  I love getting a nice text and watching movies from the comfort of my home.  And my jobs require that I'm connected to the internet in order to receive work and messages.  

But sometimes, I'm so busy looking and responding to life in the little boxes and gadgets, that I don't have the emotional or physical time for the life happening all around me.  I'm too busy consumed by the things and people that aren't actually here in this space with me.  And I allow those things and people to control me, rather than responding to the things that are present company.

Quiver Tree Photography
It's not like I'd invite them all over to my house at the same time--it would be impossible for me to graciously spend time with all of them.  So, why is it that I let them all occupy time and space in my heart and mind?  It's just not healthy. 

So, this season, I'm going to try to remember that online is a place and not my family or friends' houses.  It's not a vacation from reality, and it often adds more stress to my life.  

What about you?  
What are the sneaky joy stealers in your lives these days? 

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