Life These Days.

We've been busy 'round these parts this weekend.  We've filled our calendar with birthday parties neighborhood shindigs party plannin' salsa makin' grocery shoppin' meal fixin' and going like crazy people.

We've loved on a lot of people, we've been loved on by people, and we've loved on each other. 

And it has really felt good. 

There are so many people and places we need to visit in the coming weeks--and I look forward to what the next few weeks will bring.  

We're working on joy in this house.  We're working on life and faith and putting feet to those words.  We're teaching our girls that sometimes life isn't fun and that's ok, too.  But, we're also trying to teach them that the fun things are often those things we don't find in stores or in activities.  

Joy has a way of sneaking up on you if you're open to receiving it.  

Lauren Thorn Photography

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