It's only the 22nd.

I almost breathe a sigh of relief when I see the date this morning. 

I haven't missed it yet.  Christmas hasn't flown by my house, it isn't going to sneak up on me, and I'm still able to enjoy the anticipation of the day.

I'm sure your last few weeks have been like mine--too busy to even talk about.  Days flying by into nights that are all filled with wonderful and time-consuming things.  I'm hoping I'm not the last one that still has a present or two left uncrossed on my list, and that maybe I'll be able to casually walk into a deserted store and find the perfect thing on a shelf.

It could totally happen. 

I am a hopeless romantic about Christmas, and I always get a little sad when it starts to scurry by.  I'm pretty sure that's why I choose to put my tree up so early each year--so I'll have time to savor it before December steals time away.  I know it'll be a whole new year before I can see the magic and joy and wonder again.  Next year, Lord willing, we'll have a new baby to throw in the mix.  I can't even imagine what it will be like, but I know I'll wonder how we managed to live this long without him or her thrown in the mix.

I believe that today is the first day since Thanksgiving break that won't require me to leave the house.  I have several fun and simple things I'm planning to do--things like making salsa and wrapping several presents.  I'm going to wash all of the sheets and linger at the table this morning as I enjoy the joy of an unscheduled day.

I'm going to take time to breathe and enjoy the quiet.  And then I'm going to fill my home with music and the smells of yummy salsa--which may not be a Christmasy smell to most--but it's almost intoxicating to my lerve.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

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