3 Songs that Needed Your Attention Yesterday. And today. And for sure tomorrow.

Ok, friends.  It's time for some music.  We need to get EXCITED because it's almost that special day!  Feeling a little down?  Tired?  Stressed?  Needing something new to listen to this morning to get you pumped and out the door?  Want a good mix of styles and seasonal favorites.  Here are probably 3 of my most favorite Christmas songs. . . but keep in mind that my folder devoted to Christmas music on my iPod is fairly lengthy and they are all at some point or another "my favorite song!!!!!"  So, plug your computer or phone up to some good speakers and let these blast for about 15 minutes.  And please feel free to share your own favorites with us!

This used to be what kickstarted my Christmas season (well, after I put up my tree on November 1st and all that jazz) when we were at CC.  I have really missed playing and singing this song this year.  December used to be my favorite month on the praise team and this was one of my favorites:

This is a grab your lerve and dance together for just a few minutes.  I do love this song!

And, if you only choose one of these three because you're too busy getting papercuts from frantic last-minute present wrapping madness, stop for 5 minutes and watch this one:

Merry Christmas everyone!

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