Somebody whispered that it's going to be 65 degrees on Monday.  

Shut the front door and give me a moment to dance in sheer joy that it is finally starting to feel like autumn!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't seen autumn since last December.  And then January faked it's way straight into spring it's just been lukewarm or HOT outside ever since.  


I'm ready for the chill in the air. 

Give me a hot drink with the steam (and whipped creme and shavings of something special) and cold hands for it to warm.  

Give me the falling leaves, the clearness of the sky when the humidity finally disappears, and for goodness sake, someone give me a little twinkly light or 1000.

I saw Christmas decorations in someone's yard on our way home from New Bern last night.  

Oh mercy, I needed a moment. 

I think the lack of true seasons this past year gave me some sort seasonal depression.  I had major blahs and withdrawls because I wasn't afforded time to properly celebrate the change of seasons.  

But, this is the year I take my autumn and winter back.  

The Almanac indicates that we could be in for more cold this winter.  That we might actually get those flaky things in the air.  That my children might not speak of snow like a distant memory.  

I hope they're right.  Oh, I hope they're right. 

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