Losing it all. . .but gaining more (Part 2.5)

It's been pouring for two days in eastern NC.  They say it's Hurricane Sandy, but she's not coming round these parts in typical hurricane fashion.  Instead, we've gotten steady rain and wind and she's blown in some chilly air.  It really feels like fall outside.

I've been cooped up in my house with my family (with the exception of the few hours we escaped for church today).  We've relaxed, caught up on laundry, enjoyed time together.  I cooked a delicious and time-consuming meal, I made salsa for my lerve, and I allowed snacks every time they were requested.  We've read stories, I've been given pictures, and I had a picnic with pretend food.

My girls haven't complained about being bored once.  

AND, we don't have school tomorrow. 

Ann reminds us to count our gifts every day.  I need to remind myself that my life and the little insignificant things that happen every day are my joy--not the experiences that I try to create.  

I'm surrounded by joy--and when I stop to take notice--I recognize how incredibly blessed I am.  

To be continued. . . 

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