Good Morning, Autumn.

This morning is gray and chilly.

There is a wetness in the air--maybe rain or fog or mist.

My back hurts a smidge this morning--must have been the multiple car trips we took this weekend.

I'm self-medicating with my morning cup of coffee. 

Hazelnut has healing powers.  

I'm enjoying a few minutes of my morning before little ones demand my attention.  The largest one is already stirring and the smaller one is slower moving.  Reminds me of when they were inside my belly--Mo was busy, busy, busy kicking and jabbing me all the time.  Lily was much more deliberate in her movements--steady and fluid like a little dancer.

How did they get to be 8 and 5????

One lone fisherman is out checking his pots and nets.  He seems to be the only one out there with lines and pots in the water.  He doesn't like most of what he's catching--he keeps pulling the line and returning the unwanted or small fish to the water.

I think he's looking for flounder.  

I hear that's a good fish, if you're into eating things that look just like the creature. 

We'll travel to church in a little while--the girls are excited about the upcoming Christmas program.  We're going to come home and rest this afternoon as we've got no one coming to share our space with today.  We certainly don't mind the hustle and bustle of visitors on our grounds, but every once in a while it's nice to have a little peace and quiet, too.  

I'm counting blessings this morning.  I'm speaking to the Lord about my desires and secrets.  He's given me so much (and much more) to be thankful for.  I am hoping that I keep this peace all day long.  

Enjoy your Sunday, folks.  

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