Lil' Girls

The girls and I had an evening out in Greenville last night. 

Still one of my most favorite photos by the delightful Lauren Thorn. 

We went to dinner, shopped, picked up some needs and some wants as well.

We laughed, we talked, we shared insights.  I learned so much about their classmates, their teachers, their jokes, and their opinions on all things important.

We sang all the way home with the music cranked.

I love those moments of uninterrupted time with my girls.   When the stars align, everyone's getting along, and we can just giggle and talk and be with one another.

I know all too soon that life will change and they will grow and it will never be again like it was yesterday because life always brings something new to the table.

But, this morning my eldest is begging me to help her learn how to finger knit and my youngest still tells me that I'm beautiful.  If I'm behind in my housework because I took an evening off to spend time with some of my most treasured people, then so be it.

The laundry, the dishes, the cleaning, and the to-do list can wait.  

Because life never will. 

Life may throw some curveballs and issues will pop up every now and then, but it's still a very good life at our house.  I love that fall is here and winter is coming (aka 86 days until Christmas and only 33!!! until The Christmas Decorating Extravaganza 2012 begins at our house).  Before we know it, it will be summer again and another year will have passed.  I'm doing my best to enjoy this year instead of wishing it all away.  I don't want to miss a single minute because I'm too busy trying to get through it all.  

Happy Saturday! 

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