The Last Week. Lots of Big Days. But Not Big News.

We filled this week to the brim, the girls and I did.  Oh yes, we made sure that we crammed everything fun into one spectacular week of vacation.  I even have photos of the events, but for some reason, I'm just not feeling the need to dump them off my camera.  Perhaps because I know it will make me sift and edit and discard and that's an overwhelming task on the last Saturday of summer vacation.

And I'm just not doing that today.  

At least not this morning.  

Last Sunday was The Big Baptism Day.  We joined my favorite nephew and his family at their church to watch his baptism.  I was so proud of that little boy!  It was a great day filled with family and lunch in his backyard and then a two hour nap.  

The nap was only to assist with the woozyness I was still feeling from the cruise.  And the fact that I could take a nap.  And because I am a grown up, I do what I want to do when I want to do it (except when I can't because I have too many things on my to-do list but that is neither here nor there, folks). 

The girls and I declared Monday and The Big Pool Day.  Pool after breakfast?  Sure!  Pool after dinner?  Of course! 

On Tuesday, I had a mama meltdown, resulting in The Big Closet and Room Cleaning Extravaganza Day.  My kids didn't get quite as excited about this day.  But, they are well aware now that if they want to keep my eyes from doing the crazy flutter-twitch, that they better keep that room clean.  I spent 4 hours of my well-earned life working in there.  And 3 trashbags and several boxes later, we were in business and looking at a nicely cleaned and organized room.  

Molly also went to tumbling for the first time this week.  She was hooked.  I relived my childhood (and then went to Wal-mart all by myself for a whole 45 minutes and didn't kill anyone).  

On Wednesday, we had The Big Topsail Beach Day.  We drove to my parents' house after lunch, quickly stopped in to see my grandparents, and then headed to the beach.  It was a little rough and blowing sand, so not the best day, but we ended it at Andy's (nothing says beach town like eating fries in your suit and coverup at an establishment and no one bats an eye).  We quickly made our way back to our little river while dodging some thunderstorms. 

Thursday was The Big Eat With Friends Day.  We met Fancy Nancy at Pizza Hut and later joined the Askews for dinner at Matzatlan.  Oh yes, vacation eating MUST come to a close this week.  But, I love eating with good friends. 

Yesterday, Heather and the girls came to join us at the pool.  We tired the kids out and then went to Burger King so the girls could play some MORE.  It was so good to chat with her.  Afterwards, the girls and I joined Chris in Greenville--and realized (with horror!) that it's ECU Move In Weekend and we all wanted to cry a little.  And then we realized we no longer live in Greenville and did a little cheer because our probability of getting hit by 18 year olds driving their new cars because they are finally out of their parents' houses and SO EXCITED GO PIRATES! wearing their cute college shirts and ponytails and looking like they didn't try so hard to look so relaxed and easy breezy odds are way down this year.  YAY!

So, that brings us to today.  My last Saturday.  I need to do super fun things like go to the grocery store and vacuum the sand castles in my house.  I need to plan our meals for the week and I need to make sure we are ready for tomorrow.  My goal is to not do ANYTHING tomorrow that requires effort.  :)  

Summer has been different this year.  It's been good and challenging all at the same time.  

We've got a new normal at the Avery house, but overall change is good.  

I'll miss you, Sweet Summer.  

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