The Great Big Jill Day 2012!

It's The Great Big Jill Day!  

I hope you will spend this day remembering our very special friend, Jill Hollis.  Instead of using this day to mourn (and if you do shed a few tears, that is perfectly acceptable.  Jill tended to be a little teary herself. . .) I hope you might spend the day doing things that would celebrate her life and the things she considered most important.  Call an old or new friend, tell your family members that you love them, write something that's on your heart, pray for or with someone, wear something that makes you feel pretty--even if it's just going to be you around the house with a bunch of kiddos, volunteer with hospice, become an advocate for ALS research, make amends, or tell someone about Jesus.  There are many things you can do as you each had a different relationship with sweet Jill.  Please also take a moment and pray for Jill's family and friends on this day.  Even though we know she is in a better place, it is still a difficult day for her loved ones.  

I am forever changed by my friend.  I will never forget her or our last "conversation" about all things important.  While this is a difficult day for those of us who love and miss her, I look forward to spending this day remembering my special friend.

I loved seeing the Facebook comments and likes and plans for today.  Thank you for all you guys have done to celebrate this special lady's life.  I spent this day appreciating and loving life--and recognizing the gift of being able to live life.  xoxxo     

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