Stretching My Words.

Today I'm linking with Lisa-Jo Baker on Five Minute Friday.  Today's topic is "Stretch."

Five Minute Friday

It's been rolling in my head for the past few years.  Recently it's been even heavier as I think about the return to routine that school demands.  What if I really could write from my heart, and bless others, and have enough to say that people would want to read it?  What if these snippets of posts that the Father blesses me with, really could stretch into something longer?  What if I could really become a writer who gets paid?  What if my hobby could become a form of income for me?  

This week I've had a name on my heart.  Someone who also loves this form of artwork.  Someone else who weaves spoken and written words on a regular basis.  Someone who sees the world through the Father's eyes and wishes to bring encouragement to others.  I even mentioned this to my husband earlier this week--half joking and half serious.  It's funny when we try to protect ourselves--we surround our most vulnerable parts in humor.

I spoke to the Lord about my desires this week.  I spoke to Him quickly--and left it up to Him and let it go to spend time with my kids during this last week of vacation.

We met with this friend and his wife and their children for dinner last night.  They are good friends, the type you can sit down with and carry on conversation with effortlessly.  They are Godly people, and yet, real and honest and transparent.

We were talking about everything and nothing.  And then my friend said to me, "Have you ever thought about writing a book?"

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