So Long Summer.

I've spent the week back at school--getting my room ready, preparing my lessons and materials, and getting back into the swing of things.  I feel mostly confident that I will be ready when my lil' darlings enter for the first time.  I still have some last minute things I need to address, but that's what the weekend before the first day of school is for.

Last night, Chris and I took Lily on a special date.  Her idea of a perfect evening (after being told that Disney World was not on the list of available options) was dinner and playtime at CFA, looking at the toys and getting new chapstick at Target, and then Coldstone for dessert.  We asked her if she wanted to go anywhere else, and she was content to go home.  We have an easy to please girl.  She talked our ears off in the car and was so excited to be the center of our universe for the evening.  She also got to sleep in mommy's bed.  That was a big deal--poor daddy had to sleep in the guest bed.  She was so happy this morning to have my attention.  I love both of my girls, but I love when we can have individual time with them.

School starts for both of my girls on Monday.  We met both of their teachers at Open House this past week.  It's such a blessing to know your children have some of the best teachers in their schools.  It hasn't hit me that my baby is going to school yet.  I fully expect that to occur on Monday morning when she's heading in the classroom.  Right now I'm just excited for her.  We've gotten all of their school supplies squared away, uniforms ready, and bookbags packed for the big day.  I even obtained permission from my principal to be able to walk the girls in on their first day.

This weekend I have plenty on my plate:  laundry and cleaning, a visit to the grocery store, my school work, catching up with emails and phone calls, and hopefully getting some rest and family time in as well.  But, for this morning, I'm going to enjoy my time with my favorite 5 year old and listen to her sweet stories and thoughts on life.

Enjoy your weekend!

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