Pointless. And Honest.

I am suffering from land-sickness.  No joke.  I have been feeling so woozy and wonky since we've returned from our cruise.  I feel like the world has been turned on its side.  I was completely fine during the cruise--never once felt even remotely ill.  I've only been seasick once in my entire life--on a sailboat when I was probably 4.  I remember that feeling to this day--so gross.  I took some motion sickness medicine last night and it helped slightly--and put me in a coma.  

This was very unexpected.

And now I'm listening to this closing ceremony music and feel like I've been teleported back to my childhood.


Yes, at some point I will dump my photos off my camera from our cruise and load them here.  But not tonight.  And don't hold your breath for Nasty-sau photos.  Wow.  I was lucky to escape there in one piece.  Our trip to Nassau was completely unplanned.  Sweet Ernesto threw a wrench in our itinerary, but whatevs.  

I feel like I have so much in my head I just want to blog it all out, but not today.  In my dream world I could sit at my table and write and drink coffee all day long.  That would bring me so much joy.  I'm not even sure I would have enough to say, but man I so want to say it!  Now, to find someone to invest their funds into someone like me who doesn't really have anything to say other than the daily stuff that pops in my head.  

However, I did get promised a cupcake if I wrote a book.  I would totally title it:  I Only Wrote This For a Cupcake. 

Or, another working title has been:  How To Do Stuff (a book on common sense)

My favorite nephew was baptized today.  So sweet.  I heart that kid.  And his sister.  

Does anyone else get all swoony when they hear this Chevrolet commercial with the photos taken with the old and new cars?  Especially at the "God done shed His grace on thee"--swoony swoon swoon.  

And, can I get a shout out for all the Team USA moms who make me cry when they are watching their kids on the medal stands?  Never.  Gets.  Old.  

I'm about to turn my head the opposite way and see if the world tilts the other way.  Or if I fall over.  Yesterday I walked into the door.  It was awesome.  

This is the last week of vacation for me--which means I better get my pool and beach on at some point this week.  

Ok, I will allow you to return to your real lives.  Sorry to monopolize your time for such exciting information, but that's how I'm rolling this evening.  

And, you can't say the title of this post didn't warn you.  


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