I've been up since exactly 6:43am.  

That's when sweet Buster Ray poked his head on my side of the bed.  He then proceeded to go to the dining room floor and practice his tap dancing routine until I snap-crackle-and popped my way to the back door to let him out.

I was an old girl being ordered around by a 8 pound tap dancing dog that wears a man wrap. 

Anyone else find that particularly amusing?  

It's been a quiet few days here at the camp.  We ended a short week of camp on Tuesday.  We spent July 4th with ourselves, put down the remainder of the dining room floor (I even used a fancy power saw and made the cuts), said hello to Jimmie Sue (the real one and her son and their family), and had the camp staffers who are on campus over for a 4th of July cookout (which ended up being a cook-in after it looked like rain on the slip and slides).  We ate lots of carbs and things that were really bad for our well-being, but then several decided it would be a good idea to work off the food with some Just Dance 3 action. 

This was after the baton twirling extravaganza in our back yard.  

I can't make this stuff up.

Then we parked our chairs by the bulkhead, loaded our bodies with bugspray and glow bracelets, and watched all sorts of fireworks for two whole hours.  We played with sparklers, saw people blow things up all around us, and wondered how much money the people across the river spent on their fireworks display (because it was almost better than the city's efforts).  

Yesterday was a lovely day.  Chris spent the day up to his arms in poop and tree roots and I painted the dining room floor exactly two shades of gray.  Later Chris lounged around the pool, the girls took naps, and I became addicted to Lost.   Our girls went swimming with their grandma, Chris and I took a romantic stroll through Lowe's and purchased a window-unit (you are so welcome Room 1 ladies), faucet knobs, hooks, toilet paper, air-flow things you need for your house A/C returns, spray paint, and rubber gloves so Chris could have a little more protection for his next poop-clearing adventure.  Our next step involved the Bojangles drive through and dinner on the couch watching the evening news.  Then, he took Buster and I on a romantic drive on the golf cart so we could go back and check out some things around the camp.  Our evening concluded by hanging bathroom towel rods and mirrors in the house.  

If you had told me four months ago that some of my best days at the camp were going to look like this, I'm not sure I would have believed you.  

But it's a good life.  

A crazy life, but a very good life. 

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