10 years ago this afternoon I married my dear Christacular.  

And he's a lucky man. 

10 whole years.  

I can't even believe it when I stop to think about it.  

It seems like yesterday, last year, and a lifetime ago all at once.  

We've had ups, downs, and some all arounds in that time period. 

But we sure do love him.

And each other.

We've walked through life, death, sickness, injury, moves, career changes, drama, and fun together. 

Because that's how we roll.

It's been an interesting turn of events getting to today.  

But I wouldn't want to walk on this path with anyone else.  

Because I lerve him.  

Happy Anniversary Pook.

*All photos were taken by my favorite South African photographer, Mark Collie @ Quiver Tree Photography.  

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