This is my life.

It's a coolish morning. 

Ok, it isn't hot yet, so it's cooler than it will be in a few hours.  But, cool enough I've opened the screen door to let the breeze and some of the sounds in the house.  

I love the birds and the sounds of the river.  Water is one of my favorite noises in the whole wide world. 

I'm sitting at my table, I've spent some time in Conversation, and my heart is full. 

Thankful that my life is currently here at this place.  At this camp.  Where it's not unusual to see old and new friends all in the same place.  To see the most ridiculous things and activities in the world.  To know that the angels must be running swiftly because no one broke a leg in that last activity.  

To have conversations about life, and love, and the pursuit of ministry.  To see the walls of the world drop and hear them acknowledge what really sits deep in their souls--whispers of fear and of quiet hope.  To watch lives changed immediately.  And to see how the roads of life brought them to this time and how they have changed.  When the words of the worship songs play out in real life in front of you.  

Precious Lord Jesus.  

To see your former students leading worship and not just playing the music.  And they are playing with the kid who've you've known since he was a 3rd grader.  Or a grownup you knew when he was in high school.  Or when the other one was just learning how to play.  

And to see the joy in their hearts, and the hearts of the crowd of teens they are ministering to.  And how they minister to me as well.  

Swoon and swell.  

This is a special, special place.  I don't know what we did to become a part of it, but I feel so blessed when I call this place my home.  To see the wonder of my kids when they remember again and again that they live here--in a child's fantasy world with a pool, and a playground, and a basketball court, and acres of space to roam, and a river in their backyard.  That each week they get to meet more and more beautiful faces and friends.  To see my husband in love with his job--and how well the job suits his temperament.  To feel my stresses melt away each time I look at the river.  

This is our new life.  

And even though it's been an interesting road getting here, I'm learning to embrace it more and more each day.  

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