1.  Tonight our good friend, Mark, shot some photos for us in Washington.  I cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see them!  Please head over to Quiver Tree Photography and see his awesome work!

2.  This has been a relatively good weekend.

3.  I've realized my level of crazy is directly proportional to my amount of sleep.

I'm not even sure if I used those terms correctly.  

I hate the maths. 

4.  4.5 days left of school.  Glory to the Good Lord Himself and Amen, Amen, Amen!

5.  I'm loving my new camera.

Holy Neck Veins, Mama A!!!

6.  I love having camp staff come crash at our house throughout the week.  So fun!

7.  Camp starts in t-minus one week.  Whew.

8.  I have a farmer's tan.  And I'm peeling.  Gross.

9.  Met my mom in New Bern yesterday for lunch and some errands.  Love her.

10.  No number 10, the OCD in me needs a round number for completion.

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