Smartnick Hall Dedication

Roanoke Christian Service Camp had a building dedication for Richard and Myrtle Smartnick this past weekend.  

Chris welcomed everyone.

The cafeteria was full just like a regular week of camp!

 Stewart Woodley shared a few stories.  

He remembered a time someone used Myrtle's oil to fry fish in--not a good idea.   

I'm sure Mrs. Myrtle wasn't smiling when she found out. 

Stewart prepares to present the building plaque to the Smartnicks. 

Mr. Richard gets up to speak but realizes he forgot to spit his gum out. 

Stewart offered to take it, and Richard put it in his hand.  



Stewart was being unkind.  

To me.  

Good for Erin for not laughing.

I've got dirt on her, too.  

Trying to make amends.  This was before I had the large knife in my hands.

The Smartnicks had a great time visiting with friends and family.

Jay Hardison sampling the Myrtleaid punch.

 The Smartnicks in front of Smartnick Hall

Chris wanted a picture with Richard and Myrtle.  

Myrtle was up to no good.  

Much better! 

Thank you, Richard and Myrtle, for your years of service and dedication to Roanoke Christian Service Camp.  

We love you!

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