Children's Museum: Wilmington, NC

We recently visited the Children's Museum in downtown Wilmington, NC with my mom.  My girls LOVE going there to play and explore.  

It's a very neat place with lots of fun and creative things to do! 

Working in the doctor's office with teddy bear patients. 

Musical station. 

Mixing colors!

Weather forecasting and being on the news!

Experimenting with sounds.

Space station.

Building vehicles.

One of their favorite activities is going shopping.  They loved the cash register and the little carts. 

Riding the train!


Inside of a kaleidoscope. 

Monster feet!

Fun with GB in the crazy mirrors!

Pirate ship!

Shooting the canon!

It was super loud!

They both liked painting in the arts and crafts room!  It was a very beautiful space to work in--so fun!



Under the waterfall--very enchanting!

Ahoy matey!

There was also a play area outside complete with a school bus, garden, and spider web rope/climbing area

My kids are only young once.  I'm glad that we're able to do fun activities like this.  It gives them opportunities to learn and explore the world around them.  

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