Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner (sort of)

Well, I certainly couldn't fool a few of you with my photos! 

It is indeed a crab pot.  

We found this little lady washed ashore the first weekend we moved into the camp house.  She's a little worn, but I think she's lovely.  I keep asking if I can use her in a decorative way, but Chris would prefer to put her to use catching him some crabs.  

Party pooper. 

Lynn was the first one to correctly identify said pot, so she is the winner!  
And, shocker of all shockers, there is an actual prize!  

Hannah from eFoods Direct storable meals contacted me last week and asked if I would consider trying their meals and blogging about my experience.  My meals are on the way and I'm going to share one of my meals with Lynn for her family to taste and enjoy!  

eFoods Direct's mission is to empower every family to have food security in the case of storms, natural disasters, or even financial crises like shrinking income or the loss of a job.  I can quickly name several people in my immediate circles who would fit into those categories.  East Carolinians know all too well the damage that storms can bring.  It would give me some security to know I could feed my family in a nutritious way in the aftermath of a major hurricane.  I don't know about you all, but I had grown pretty tired of room-temperature spaghettios after Irene!  

Lynn, I'll be in touch soon, and I'll let everyone else know about my experience with eFoods Direct as soon as we receive our package!  

Happy Monday folks!

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