She is still beautiful.

I miss you friend.  

I hate that this terrible disease has taken you away from us, but I'm delighted that you are whole and free.  These last few days I could really have used your ears and advice.  I could have used your smiles and not-quite-past-the-eyelashes tears.  I could have used your laugh and wit.  I could have used our Tuesday evening dinners with the girls at Zaxby's.  I could have used your hugs and love.

Photo courtesy of Cliff Hollis

But, you also helped me to stand on my own two feet.  
And to pray like I meant it.  
And to seek answers like I expected to find them.  
And that when I didn't find those answers, to trust even when I was at a complete loss. 

And, as always, you continue to inspire me to live.  Live like every breath was something to appreciate.  Live like each day was an unexpected present.

And, for Heaven's sake, live life at full throttle.  

I miss you so much.  ALS has struck another family we know and it pains me to see her walking with her cane.  To know what's ahead for her.  To see the agony that's coming.  What a ridiculously terrible disease.  Someone smart should really find a cure for it.

So, this morning, as you're sitting up there, whole and complete, know that you have not been forgotten.  

And know that your life continues to make a difference.  

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