Lily: Birthday Lunch!

Hello Everyone!  Lily here!

Today we went to Wilmington to meet one of Daddy's friends. 

Except we didn't. . . have you been to Wrightsville Beach on Memorial Day weekend?  

Total nightmare.  

But we did go to Red Robin (YUM!) for lunch.  

Here's me 

And Mo

I noticed that they were singing to someone else for their birthday.  And I told Daddy, "They don't know it's my birthday.  They won't sing to me unless they know."

So Daddy casually mentioned that it was my birthday to our waiter.  

 And then, they started coming towards our table.  Notice I've got my fingers crossed that they might be coming to sing to me.  

Oh goody!  They were!  And look at that sundae!!!

That thing was huge!

I was so overwhelmed and excited!

What a great lunch!  I think 5 is going to be my best year yet!

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