I'm Alive.

I haven't given up on blogging.  

However, I do believe there is a time for everything. 

Including a time to be silent.  

Sometimes it's hard to deal with baggage, especially when it's time to empty the bags and look at what you've accumulated.  

What must be thrown away, and what you're left with at the end of the purge.  

I've rediscovered this week that I'm not good at leaning on the Spirit in times like these. 

I want validation from my nearest and dearest, and for various reasons I can't do that now.  

Life is not always easy.  

Sometimes people will let you down.  

And sometimes we let bitter and ugly feelings of disappointment and regrets weigh us down.  

People are people.  I forget that sometimes.  

It's a hard lesson to relearn.  

I'll be back soon--with things that are more entertaining and lighthearted.  With things that don't make me want to listen to the Cure and black my eyes.  With things that are more sassy and Mama A.  

With things that are more like the girl I used to be. 

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