Training to Rest

Spring break started at exactly 12:45pm today.  

I'm not even sure what to do with myself. My never-ending to-do list is still staring at me.  I have a gabagillion things that should be taken care of between both homes.  I have a killer week at work when I return.  

But, instead of stressing over things that will eventually be taken care of, I hope to find rest.  

Unfortunately, it appears my body and mind have forgotten what that is and how it feels.  

For now I'm going to stare at the water from my dining room (as it's too chilly to stand on the porch).  I'm going to dwell on my coffee mug for a while and enjoy its warmth.  I'm going to find and look at my decorational items and attempt to make this place move past "our house" to "our home" when I carefully place them here and there and here again.  I'm going to wear my most comfortable clothes and snuggle on my couch with my most favorite people and in a few days steal away for a night with my husband.  

I'm going to try to regain my composure and sanity.   

I'm going to put down my schedule and stress and pick up love and joy.  

And, most importantly, I'm going to find rest.

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