So much.

So much on my head these days.

Chris' last day at church was today.  Reminding myself of Mrs. Betty's words, "Change, even good change, is always hard."

Moving, packing, painting, carpet, tile, repairs, changes, and all the things that must be done to help us move faster because my OCD mind is growing ever weary of the "it must be in a box" and "these boxes smell weird and it's all I can smell when I walk in the house" and "I'm so tired of my decor theme being cardboard."

Feeling like I'm falling behind in just existing for my family--cooking, cleaning, laundry, conversation, and basic routine things that I can't seem to keep together these days.

Work.  Trying to smile and not fall out on the floor from sheer exhaustion.

Feeling like I can't keep up with myself--my diet, my resolve to eat better, my drive to cook and eat healthy, balanced meals all seemed to fly out the window last week when every afternoon and evening had something on the calendar.

Lily having a stomach virus. . .and praying that we don't get it, either.

Chris starts his new job tomorrow.  Exciting and unknown territory for our family.

Trying to salvage friendships--especially when I'm feeling so self-absorbed these days.

Ignoring the whispers of "you are not enough" and trying to counteract those voices with the Truth that sets me free.

I will make it.  

We're painting our new home next Saturday and hopefully moving the following weekend if anyone's feeling froggy and would like to help. :)

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